By now I have 6 out of 10 IRONMAN podium positions and been to Hawaii racing the IRONMAN World Championship, consecutively for the past 3 years (2017 - 2018 - 2019). Each year placing best female Scandinavian. - And I’m already qualified for 2020

2x European bronze 3x European Silver and 7x Danish Gold



7th: Challenge Salou (middel distance) – April
5th: ITU Long Distance World Championship – May
2nd:  IRONMAN Lanzarote – May
7th:  IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship, Elsinore – June
3rd:  IRONMAN Copenhagen – August
11th: IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii – October
2nd: IRONMAN South American Championship Cozumel - November



9th: IRONMAN South Africa – African Championship – April
5th: ITU Long Distance World Championship – July
3rd: IRONMAN Hamburg – July
15th: IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii – October



5th: IM 70.3 Texas – April
3rd: IRONMAN Texas – North American Championship -April
2nd:  ETU European Championship Middel Distance, Challenge Herning – June
10th: European IM 70.3 Championship, Elsinore – June
2nd:  IRONMAN 70.3 Ortepää – August
12th: IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii – October (debut)



1st: Danish Duathlon Championship (10k -60k-10k) – May
2nd:  ETU European Long Duathlon Championship, Powerman Denmark (10k-60k-10k) – May
3rd: Danish Sprint Championship (TT) – May
1st: Challenge Denmark (middel distance) – June
1st: Danish Team Sprint Championship (Odense Triathlon Klub) – July
2nd: Danish Middel Distance Championship – July
3rd: Challenge Fredericia (middel distance) – August
2nd:  ETU European Championship Middel Distance, Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl – September
2nd: IRONMAN Mallorca – September (IM Debut)



4th:  IM70.3 Puerto Rico  -2015
3rd:  ETU European Long Duathlon Championship, Powerman Holland (10k-60k-10k) -2015
10th:  IM70.3 Barcelona  -2015
7th: IM70.3 Norway Haugesund  – 2015
1st: Danish Middel Distance Championship -2015
1st: Danish Team Sprint Championship (Odense Triathlon Klub) – 2015
2nd: Challenge Paguera-Mallorca (middel distance) -2015
2nd: Challenge Forte Village – Sardinia (middel distance) -2015



6th: Challenge Fuerteventura (middel distance) – 2014
1st: Danish Duathlon Championship (10k -40k-5k) -2014
1st: Danish Middel Distance Championship -2014
10th: European IM 70.3 Championship, Wiesbaden -2014
3rd:  IM70.3 Rügen -2014
3rd:  ETU European Championship middel Distance, Challenge Paguera-Mallorca -2014



1st: TriSmile Estonia (1k-100k-10k)
1st: Danish Team Sprint Championship  
1st: Go Epic (middel distance) 
1st: Ocean/Lava Triathlon (middel distance)



1st AG F18-24/8th overall:ITU Europan Duathlon Championship, Powerman Holland  (15km-60km-7,5km)
2nd: Danish Duathlon Championship (10km-40km-5km)
4th: Danish Short Triathlon Championship
2nd: Danish Middel Distance Championship
2nd: TriStar Estland (1km-100km-10km)
1st: Ocean/Lava, Lanzarote (middel distance)
17th: ITU World Duathlon Championship (10km-40km-5km)



1st:  Teguise Duathlon, Lanzarote (5km-20km-2,5km)
3rd: Lanzarote International Duathlon (5km-20km-2,5km)
6th: Vulcano Triathlon, Lanzarote (OL-distance non draft)
1st AG/11th overall: IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca
1st AG/8th overall: Challenge Aarhus (middel distance)
2nd AG F18-24: IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship, Wiesbaden
7th AG F18-24: IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, Las Vegas


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