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Ready to get fit again

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

Time is flying and we have already reached the very end of June. That means that it is holiday time for me, I have two month out of school now, and have kick started it with some quality training and a trip to the strawberry fi


Yes, I did say training, and I am very happy to be able to do that. My body has started to behave nicely again, and I have started training. It is absolute amazing to be back, and I am wearing a big smile and am high on endorphins during and after every session, I do not care about the Danish summer weather with rain, I just enjoy the ability to ride and run. I did even join my fist OTK run and ride session since February this week, it was great to be back and I am looking forward to lots of great sessions throughout the summer. It will take some weeks with continually training before I feel fit and ready to race again, but I am back on track, and will soon start to reschedule and find out what races to do. I would have loved to race Danish ½IM Champs next weekend, but I do not dare to rush anything, it has been a tough spring to get through, and no matter how much I want to race, I do not want to do anything stupid now.

Talking about national camps, I like to congrats Boss, Rasmus Henning for his win yesterday at the Swedish long distance champs, (Nice distance) and my TriNordic teammate KJ for finishing as best Swedish athlete and winning the title Swedish Champion 2013.

A few weeks ago we had a te

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