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One turned into two and was quickly gone

A very classic pre-camp blog after two amazing weeks of training at Lanzarote. The camp did start on the turbo on the terrace, as the wind was crazy even for Lanzarote standards but as it only was a small session to flush the flight out of the legs it wasn’t too bad. Anyway it was a one-time experience and even though we still had a lot of rain and had to swim in wetsuit in the pool the first week or so, it was all forgotten as soon as the sun burned through and the tan lines slowly started to appear.  When it is this way around you only remember the good days and the weather is one reason why I was happy to change my flight and stay another week. Another reason is the big amount of bike mileage I have peddled in. And a third is that the good company I have had all week (or weeks).



One thing as simple as stretching and foam rolling is normally the first thing I cut out of my training (usually because of a lag of time as well), but when you have the time and use the last critical period before the buffet opens in the evening catching up with the other athletes it is suddenly a very nice way to finish the day. –Both for mind and body!

Rain or not, I still had the biggest bike week ever and new record on Tabayesco not by time but eating cola-wine-gums on the way up. Petræus started this nice idea and we ate the whole bag while climbing, Tanja and I agreed it was a hit and I think a new tradition made 😉

m Tanja

Most of the training hours have been on the bike, but there has also been some great swim session in the pool –and a reality check in the Lagoon, it was very instructive and once again a prof that faster splits in the pool doesn’t transfers directly to open water.

morgen svøm 2

Running not to forget, nicely done on and off the road, in groups and alone.


Then you only have to add a bit off gym work, some nice coffee’s and dinners and wola two whole weeks fly by and feels like a moment.

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