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Having a good time

It seems to be a routine that as soon as exams are done (we do10weeks blocks) and there is a bit of time out of school I head to Lanzarote or some other nice place to train or race. This time is no different. I finished my time at Odense Fysioterapi, Idrætsklinik & Fitness Friday the 11th of April, Saturday I was celebrating my mums birthday and had some nice family time, before I took of Sunday morning…

So fare I have had a great time! Started with some good training, time to catch up with friends at Lanza including having fun with Ronja for a few days.


As the main focus for the trip is to race Challenge Fuerteventura, I had to do a small island jump and went on the best road trip ever –Thanks to Rich for that experience!  Which included smaller car problem and lot of laughing.


Anyway, we made it to Fuerteventura, Playitas, where another friend was waiting with open arms. Åsa!

When we are at home we try to spend as much time together as possible, but with two busy schedules, it is hard. Well, here we have all the time in the world… and you can have a small insight look to what it is like to be Åsa and Maja on tour 😉




Just for the record, this is only the warm up, as we are soon about to go for another 3 weeks trip! Where both of us will race, but each on our favourite distance, IM and 70.3… so like every good story the only thing I have left to say is: To bee continued! 🙂

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