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European Duathlon AG Champion

I am European Champion 2012?!

I had planned to race Powerman Holland before I knew it was ITU European Championship. As running is my strongest discipline I liked to try and race elite, just to test my level and get an idea of what is needed to compete with the good girls out there. But as it was a Championship and I didn’t have pro-license nor the results it is required to represent Denmark I was not allowed to race elite. I raced anyway, and all female athletes started together so I just raced like I was elite and did not think about age-grope at all. I stayed in the front pack in the first run, had a perfect transition and was 2ed as we rode out of the city. I could not hold that position but finished 8th and were happy. It was only later on I realized that I actually was European Champion AG F18-24 – what a great bonus 😉

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