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(ETU) European BRONZE!!!

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

Ben showed me three fingers as I crossed the finish line; the second after Helle welcomed me with the biggest and best hug ever. It was only now I realized I really was 3rd and had won an ETU European bronze medal!!!

I knew I had past girls all day, and had an idea that I was 3rd or 4th but it is hard to keep track on where you are in a big field when it is widely spread out and mixed with AG’s as well, so with the risk of being disappointed I did not dare to believe anything before I had the prove.

Instead of just having numbers on a result list, I will let you know a bit more about the nice, sunny and warm day at Mallorca…

Swim: 29:57

HAPPY! It was a non wetsuit swim. When I arrived a few days before the race the sea was quite choppy and I was mentally prepared for a rough and hard swim.


it was great fun! 

bølger 2

But on race day the water was calm, even though race start was at 12.03 (Elite Women) Well do not miss understand me, it was still a hard swim, – after all it was a race, and then it is all about going hard, right? Flat water was definitely for my advantage, and a sub 30min swim less than 5min to Helle (in front) was a good start! …to the dream that was about to come true.

220 triathlon magazine

Bike: 2:37

Challenging but COOL (I think anyway) bike course, – My only wish would be that the roads would have had a smoother surface – Eva Nyström, (my former Team TriNordic team mate and not to forget World Duathlon Champion) passed me and I did not manage to go with her. But if wasn’t for her I was the one passing and slowly making my way up the leaderboard. and I felt like riding well.

With that being said, and like I have made clear many times before, I like to race against the best as it is here you have the feedback of what is needed to reach their level. Reality check I call it… and it is clear that I still have lots of work to do before I can start to compare myself with the top girls (…Read: make long term dreams come true.)

T2: I entered with another girl, saw Eva running in the big transition area and then knew she couldn’t bee too far ahead. – the hunt was now about to start 😉


Run: 1:31

Again challenging, but in my world cool, course (4 loops) in the crowed tourist heaven of Paguera-Mallorca, which created a great atmosphere! Loops and out/back  bits on the course allowed you to see the girls close around you many times, and made me realize that I was pulling away from the girls behind and closing the gab to the once in front. Halfway on the 2nd lap I was told that I had 4min to 3rd, I hadn’t seen her on the run, but assumed it would be Anja Beranek (seen her on the bike with Helle and Lisa Hutthaler). About 1k into third lap I caught Eva –(thanks for the cheer you gave me on the way!!) A few k’s later I also passed Anja, but wasn’t sure if that  meant I was now in 3rd, I only knew Helle and Lisa was far ahead, nothing about how many there would be in between… After another lap and a bit, no girls insight, still unsure about the result, but happy about my performance I enjoyed the run up the red carpet and had high-fives from the crowd. Then BANG, the three fingers from Ben and hug from Helle made everything clear. ETU European Half distance Championship Bronze medal and the dream was now true 🙂


Medals, flowers and Champagne …I had a hard time to believe it was real as we  stood there on the podium!! And I have to say being there with Helle, who is not only my Coach but also good friend and big icon made it even more special.

Adding on all the other great Danish results (9 medals it made it all, if possible, even better! Congrats, not only to the once who made it to the podium, but everybody who finished! A special one goes to my trip/roommate Kirsten now AG 30-34F European Champion.

med Kirsten

It was nice to meet new and old friends. Tanks to all for a great trip!

Last but not least thanks for ALL the support and cheering on and off the course. (AND ice-cubes, Ole!)

hop i dk dragt

Photo credit to:  220 Triathlon MagazineDeutsche Triathlon UnionTri247, Ben Powell, Fam. Frederiksen, Kirsten Pettersson, Trine Toft-Bertelsen, Helle Sommer and Tanja Hultengren Larsson

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