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A dream came true

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

Short and sharp report from the weekend where a big dream came true and I won my first Danish triathlon championship.

A road trip to reach the destination was needed. I had great company of Lea in the car. Lea had the fastest swim split of the day, I had the fastest run and we agreed that we had the nicest helmets. This means that we one day will have to do a relay race: Lea swims, we ride on a tandem and I will run –that would be fun!

Anyway, back to the race…

Before: Really looking forward – and had a perfect balance of excitement and self-confidence.

Swim: 00:30:28 

From good, to bad and back to good feeling, it is funny how many times your mind set can change within 30min. I went from: I am completely alone and lost, to: yeah, that was Kirsten this cannot bee too bad anyway…

Exiting the water OTK/Swim Coach Stubager was, as always, ready with his stopwatch. I was 4th out of the water had 3,5min to Emilie in 2nd and 5min to Lea in the front… Time to start the hunt 😉

Bike: 2:23:33

My bike was top tuned, I felt great on it and was in the lead of the race after 22k.

DM 1/2 ironman Aalborg

At the turning point halfway I was a bit surprised to see a girl that close, she passed me when we had about 30k to go and without making it sound wrong I was like: Where did she come from, do I just feel good because I go too easy? But no, Anne Jensen is just a very strong cyclist and was riding fast! I tried my best and luckily I found an extra gear and managed to stay with her to T2.

Run: 1:23:50

DM i 1/2 Jernmand i Aalborg

I found my rhythm and quickly I made a gab to über biker Anne, the course was two times out and back so depending on where you meet you can kind of judge how it goes. I started to feel the win was safe and really enjoyed that run!

I am very happy that the girls elite field was that big in the weekend, it makes the race a lot more fun! It is clear to see that everybody has their specialties and the positions was chancing several times. In the end my two running/duathlon bodies (Kirsten and Susanne) showed how important that last run is by finishing off with style and taking  2nd and 3rd .Well done girls 🙂

DM i 1/2 Jernmand i Aalborg

And a big shout out to all other new (and regainer) Danish Champions!

It was great to see so many participants out there. Last but not least I’ll like to thank for all the support on and off the course.

All results: and small video clip from the race! VERY COOL! (Click on the name, scroll down and wola live video)

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