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Well my page has been a bit quiet lately, but that does not mean that life has been quiet! I have had a great but busy end of 2013 and start of the new year.

I am sorry to say that there will not be a Team TriNordic in 2014, but I have been able to make my own good little support team, which I am very happy with and I’m looking forward to tell you more about it when it is final.

For now I will just very shortly introduce you to another team, whom/which have taken most of my time the last weeks. The boys complain that I never post anything about them but only training and racing 😉 However we have a great teamwork and as we just came out of a period where we have spent a LOT of time together I think it is about time to make them shine ;), so here we go.

The ones who know me well, do also know that I never do anything without going all in. It is the same story when it comes to school, luckily I share that passion with a lot of class mates. Particularly we are 4, by person very different people, who share the same idea, of how important a good understanding is, and it makes a perfect team. It’s great and we even earned the nickname ”Geeks’ group” (nørdegruppen). When a hand is raised in class it will often be one of us, we all have different views on life and each of us have our own skills but together we are able to bring studying to another level.

In my eyes, that’s what makes a good teamwork! It is all about getting a good understanding, and then uses it to improve. The hard work in school pays off with good grades. However, what makes my CV look really cool, still having 1½ years left in school, and already I can add an Olympian triathlete and a few IM winners to my clientele. They are happy about the treatment I provide, so I don’t mind being called geek in class 😉

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