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I have just finished the 4th out of 4 long and busy but very good weeks. Well one week is 7days it can’t really be long or short, but it can definitely be busy! And most important it can for sure be good!!

As a part of my study I have had 4 weeks of clinic at Odense University Hospital. It was with very mixed feelings when I started 4 weeks ago. As in general I do not like Hospitals. And it doesn’t get any better when you know that Camilla Pedersen is somewhere around at the very same hospital fighting for her life. I have spent a lot of time thinking about her and her family, and only hoped and waited for good news, like we finally had in the beginning of the week. I still send positive energy and thoughts your way Camilla.

When I then say it has been good weeks, it is because I have learned a lot professionally as Physio. And even though I do not see myself in a job like the one I have had the last 4 weeks, it gives an understanding of the body.  You need to know the very basic to build more on top, and as my supervisor said, It might be the Doctors that safe lives, but the Physios help you back to live it. I think that is a cool way of thinking about it, and it is nice to see, how you can help a patient for whom it was a struggle to get out of bed, to start walking again.

After 4 weeks with 30+ hour at the hospital, homework and assignments to do on top

plus usual training, I really enjoy to have weekend now before school start again Monday. Despite being busy the training is going well, quality sessions are checking in, confidence is building up again, and I enjoy the beautiful autumn weather here in Denmark. There has been a small change of plans which means that I will run 5k on the track tomorrow, Sunday, and ½ Marathon next Sunday the 6 of Sep. I am looking forward to see what I can do at both distances and will keep you updated .


A few photos from my amazing ride Friday evening

Have a nice weekend!

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