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Time to go to Playitas to join Boss Rasmus for some nice training in the sun

Here we go, one fantastic week with high waves, beautiful views, lost of lessons learned, and nice company, all told in a few words and photos…

We had a nice group with mixed levels, and in the beginning of the week technique was main focus.

Running drills:


Bike handling skills:


Transition training:




In the pool:


 Open water:


In waves, and when I say that, I mean BIG waves! It was crazy but great fun- it did cost me 1swim cap and 2 pair of goggles though.

But we did also have some very beautiful morning swims with flat water and sunrise. Probably some of the nicest open water swims I have ever had.


The challenge to do Dirty Dancing lift was completed the very last morning after nice “farewell”-dinner and fun night out with strong drinks and dancing in the bar.


In the evening we had great social time in the Restaurant and bar. And Rasmus made an inspiring lecture about motivation and how to find that little extra that makes the big difference. Allan told us about aerodynamics, and I made a Ladies only mini bike mechanic class for the once that was in need of that

As I said the Camp did include athletes at all levels, but every single one improved and went home with big motivation for the upcoming training. We have had a lot of nice feedback and the athletes did even start to plan a Christmas get together and a new Camp in the spring.


As you can imagine the week was packed! Training, a small race and lectures, but with a morning off, and the opportunity to extend some of the rides I also manage to add some extra mileages on my bike. Love it!


Some of it was done on my own and some together with Kristina -and even some locals, who invited us to join their fiesta. We did choose just to continue and do gas station Sneakers ice-cream stop instead though.


I’ll like to thank Rasmus for the opportunity to help on the Camp, it has been very inspiring for me as well, I have met some very nice people, there have been smiles all over and we have laughed a lot. New friendships have been made, big ideas have been started and I am already looking forward to the next camp 😉

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