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Time to get busy again

Summer holiday has come to an end, but it has been one of the best I have ever had! Not only because the Danish summer this year has been sunny and beautiful, but I have also enjoyed every minute of my training; there has been a lot of great squad sessions, nice Sunday rides with OTK and the firsts of many sessions with my new training buddy Line Thams.

In periods like this one, I am more than happy that I have a good Coach to set up limits for me. I suddenly have more time than usual, the body is back on track ready to train, and the motivation tops any kind of rank system. If I hadn’t had a program I am sure I would have don way too much. That make me think about what is needed of a good Coach. I think most people hire a coach to make them work out, so that they can reach goals and become fitter, stronger or faster. But what the coach really need to do is to find the balance for the individual athlete and not only tell you when to work hard but just as important when to rest.

Benefits of a good Coach:

You don’t do too much when you have extra time!!!

You are sure to get enough done when you are busy.

You have one to moan to when things don’t go your way.  –and one to shear happy times with

The holiday has allowed time to enjoy company and stay over’s with friends, chill out time with my great training buddies before and after sessions. And I even went out and played a game of golf with my dad again

golf til blog

Daddy is out drived once again… but this time he did win in the end.

The summer did also bring some nice family time and big birthday parties:


Daddy Cool turned 60.

I turned 25…



 my lovely and beautiful Grandma turned 90.

It has all been great, but I do also look forward to start school again. I like the combination of study and training and the benefits of the combination plus the feeling of learning new stuff.

I have two races coming up the next two weeks. On Saturday I will race Danish Team Sprint Champs –I haven’t raced it before but I am sure it will be great fun! The 7th of Sep. it is time for my first ½IM distance race of the year when I race Go Epic in Helsingør. Can’t wait.

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