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The first race of the year gave the first win!

When you top a win up with good company, nice social time at a beautiful location with sunshine the result is amazing. The last week has been nothing less than amazing. It started with two nights stay over at Coaches’ place. It is always nice to be there and it included the last bit of quality training before heading further east to Estonia and the first race of the year.


In Estonia I had the chance to catch up with friends. It is always great to race and I have missed it A LOT and with nice company it only gets even better.

You often say that photos says more than 1000 words, so I will keep the number of words low and let you see photos and videos  -Thanks to Photographer Rando Kall, wife Mari-Liis Kall, and  André Karsai


A swim + a small ride to see the course +

SmileRun 5k and Zip-line race= Great fun!!


Morning swim


+ A small ride and run




Race day!

1k swim: Beach start and the normal crowd to the first buoy but after that I felt like being all on my own. I found a rhythm and found myself out of the water as 3rd women. (2min after the front pack of men)


T1: I overtook the two girls in transition, and was in the lead as I jumped on the bike


100k bike: I felt good as soon as I started riding, and maybe I got carried a bit away by the good atmosphere and the fact that I finally was racing again. But when the only ones you see out there are men powering past, you just put your head down and go. Game plan was to go hard and see how long it would last. I have just started to train with a power tap, I used the wheel in the race so that I now have a lot of data that can help to analyze race and maximize the quality of the upcoming training.

T2: Smooth

10k run: Puha! I was tired, but I had no idea of how big my lead was and I just tried to find a good rhythm in the run. It is a very cool, but very hard run course and as I saw the girl in 2nd for the first time, I knew that if I just kept going I would be safe.







Mini photo shoot:



Picnic – I won a very nice cake!




Thanks to Till Schenk, Simon Langvad, Esben Hovgaard, Rando Kall, Mari-Liis Kall, André Karsai, Ain-Alar Juhanson, and the whole TriSmile Team for a fantastic time in Estonia!

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