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  • Forfatters billedemaja

School, job and well yeah… training of course :)

It is great to be in the sun, but it is also nice to be home and find the daily routine again.

I have already had two weeks at home. I’m back in school, but not the way I’m use to, as it is a practical period and I’m working at a clinic here in Odense. Working is maybe to exaggerate it a bit, but some of the time I have my own patients, part of the time is “watch and learn” as we follow some of the “real physios” and part of the time we have I bit of theory.


I have also had my first working days in Skechers Store! Well, ones again it is maybe an exaggeration, it is a bit fairer to call it working hours. But unfortunately I don’t have time to be there more than I few hours a week. But if you are around, please pas by, say hi, and try a pair of shoes. But be careful you might end up buying them ;)


Training with the squad here in Odense is as always great. The body is behaving nicely again and my sessions are starting to contain more and more quality after spending all winter building base.  First real test of my fitness level will be The Worlds ½ Marathon in Copenhagen 29.03.2014 and the first tri-race will be Challenge Fuerteventura 26.04.2014. It will take some speed sessions and hard work before I feel all ready, but I am looking forward to be in the race kit again!


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