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S-Works Vs. Sun-bed

I have had one week of off season now, it was all about enjoying time in the sun on my very favorite island, Lanzarote. After the last race of the year I would normally have pulled the pluck and forced myself not to do any training at all for a few weeks. That would allow me to spend all day on a sunbed, eat ice-cream and drink cold drinks.I did kickstart the off season with having waffle and ice-cream for breakfast the morning after Ocean/Lava… But by being on Lanzarote and having the time to do whatever you feel like, the option of going on the bike in the sun was too good not to take advantages of. I absolutely love riding my bike, and I cannot think of a better place to do it. That means that S-works often won the time over the sunbed. -But the Snickers ice-cream and Pepsi Max was still included. 😉

I did also have time to catch up with old friends and had fun with stand up paddling. That is one thing I like to do again! We and great fun!


I good combination of me liking to watch good swimmers and try to pick up what they do and the fact of good athletes staying at Sands Beach, made me enjoy some chill out time in the nice relaxed atmosphere around the 25m pool. Another nice way to use the sun bed

pool bert

But as I said: A lot of just Maja quality time on the bike! Some of it was used as a nice way to transport myself and go and visit friends on different locations on the island. But the last day my S-Works pointed north. I learned to ride a bike when I lived on Lanzarote, and from the very beginning I have loved the north part of the island, whenever I had the change  I would go and climb Tabayesco and Mirador del Rio or do my TT efforts on the road to Orzola.

One important thing I learned as well, is that rides like that need to include a gas station stop for Snickers ice-cream + you need a Pepsi Max when you come home… And it doesn’t matter if you are riding just to enjoy the sun, the views and the fact that you can do it, or if you are powering through intervals. It is a must!


Now I am back in Denmark and it is time to get back in school, find the daily routine, and hope the weather allows riding the bike outside without being too cold or wet. Well at the moment I cannot go anyway as my bike hasn’t made it home yet, but I hope it will be here very soon!!! The countdown for my next trip to the sun has already started. In two weeks time my TriNordic team mate Allan Hovda and I will join Boss Rasmus Henning and act as assistens on his camp on Furteventura. I am sure it will be a great camp, and I am looking forward to meet all the participants and get to now Allan better.

-But first up: A game of golf with my dad! Happy off season 🙂

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