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Ocean/Lava 2013

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

I like to split the last period of time into a few blogs. The first one including top quality training at home in Odense, next is Ocean Lava the race that ended my 2013 season with a win, and now I enjoy holiday and off season.

Starting with the basic of a good result I can say that I had been building up confidence by nailing key sessions in training. The boys in Odense gave me good company on the bike, and helped pacing me through Tuesdays run, it all meant that I felt strong and in the best shape I have ever had. That made me very excited to race, and then even on what feels like home course for me!

I had exam on Monday, left Denmark Tuesday morning, finished my next exam assignment on the flight and gave it in online Wednesday morning all topped up with a storm that made travelling a bit complicated. But never mind, it all had a happy ending and by Saturday morning I have had a nice few days on the island and was on the start line ready to race and try to defend my title from last year.

Swim: 1,9k (2laps) I felt like having a good start, but in the second lap I was like: Why do you not just do duathlon Maja??? Well anyway I made my way around, and was told that I had 4min to the front


Just one thought in my head: “Okay, lets get this race started! You have had bigger gaps to close before!”

Bike: 90k

I do not like moaning about a race and especially not one with a good result. But wow I felt bad in the beginning of the ride. Luckily my friend Foli (fast very wise old man ;)) passed me and told me to be patient. As I had completed the first bit of the course -all climbing, everything suddenly changed. I found the great rhythm I recognized from my efforts in training. It gave me a boost to overtake Saleta in the Wine yards, another one when a saw Nicole and then a big one from the crowd that cheered you up the steep climb of Fames. By the top I had 3½min to Bella in front. I spotted her by the end of Fake Fire Motions and was very happily surprised that I had managed to catch her by then. I know the descent to Carmen very well, and as I like to ride aggressive I managed to make a gap before entering T2.

(Fun facts: top speed 87k/h –please do not tell my mum)



Run: 21,1k (3 “out-home” laps)

It was a tough but good run. On the way out you had the head wind that made you feel like you did not move, and then turning to run back in the tailwind you got very warm! I have the confidence of being a strong runner but you never know what can happen during the run, and even though I could see that I expanded the lead every time Bella and I crossed, it was only after the last turn point I dared to trust the win. Crossing the finish line I was over the moon of joy. I had given everything out there and won the race in front of (well newly retired but) 16 x IM winner Bella Bayliss. And then topped up with the honor of being next to Legendary Marino Vanhoenacker on the winners’ photo from the finish line + all the cheering and support from friends, volunteers and tourists.



Thanks to Kenneth and the whole Gasque Family for another amazing event! -Good luck with the Ocean/Lava Planet 2014 I am sure it will be a success!


After: I have had a few days after the race now, and as it was the last one in 2013, off season has kicked in which means nothing less than holiday with good friends in the sun. I still have a few more days to spend here, and will let you know all about how nice it is/was when I come home.

To be continued…


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