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IM 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden 2014

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

When you enter a race with an approach that says no expectations you cannot be disappointed… but it can take some time to put it into words anyway.

I had no idea of what to expect entering IM 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden 2014. The start list was packed with Tri-celebs! -… Very cool opportunity for a new girl like me to race these girls. I love testing myself, and I see now better way of doing it than racing the best.

I cannot complain about the result, 10th in an European Championship. …but I just wish that I would have had the feeling of riding as strong as I have done in training lately.

Prerace I had a small accident… fell down a slope and made myself some bruised, bloody and swollen knees. Very clumsy and very stupid! But nothing to do about it, done is done. It meant though that I had a bit more time to walk around and enjoy the nice atmosphere in the city of Wiesbaden and in the Expo, witch turned out as a great bonus of a new partnership with XLAB. –Very honored, happy, proud etc. everything nicely mixed together.

Race morning:

My knees were finally back to normal size and the butterflies had a big party in my stomach.

Swim: 28:51

Very soon after the start; very alone. Turning the buoy after roughly 300m I suddenly overtook two girls swimming slowly even compared to me: “How did I end up so fare behind them?” Well nothing to do about it, I kept pushing. Small run on the beach and back in.

And then: “reach the next buoy before the fast AG girls comes from behind” “…and the next… and next, and the last one” I made it.

T1: Run run run, jump on the bike and GO

Bike: 2:54:27

I do not know what happened on that bike, maybe I pushed too hard from the start? Maybe I did not take in enough energy? It is a very hilly course, 1490m of highs in 90k, and I was prepared for a hard ride, but did not quit feel like I executed it as well as I could have done.

…I like the photo though…


T2: Simple, give the bike to a volunteer, shoes on, RUN!

Run: 1:25:23

I felt my knee right away, but just like a bruise pain, and it did not get worse as I ran. In perspective of the situation that was positive and nothing to complain about! On the first out of four laps I overtook two girls. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th more girls started to appear. Seeing one I was like: “Go catch her” but every time when I then court up on one “Bugger, she has lees wristbands than me anyway” (not done as many laps and I was already in front of her).


It all meant that I could cross the finish line for the first time as a Pro in an IM 70.3 event and put a top 10 on my CV.


Post race:

My parents were there to cheer for me and have a bit of a holiday weekend. We spent the afternoon by taking part in the Wine festival which was on in Wiesbaden as well.

Taking advantage of being around anyway I had a bike fit done at, before we started the road trip back to DK.


I have had a few more days of mid-season holiday and stayed at my parents place… played golf with my dad, cooked nice food in the company of my mum and been to the fitness with my sister. Real family quality time!


Back on track! Training has started, school starts next week and I prepare for the next race: IM 70.3 Rügen 14.09.

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