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Danish Duathlon Championship

It is safe to say that it was more about quality then quantity this weekend! -Except for the ”kanelsnegle”/ cinnamon rolls here quantity is a must 😉

“Right, Peter Ø.?”

There was only 11 in the elite field –and now we are talking men and female…

Never mind as I said it is about quality and not quantity, and there was enough of that…

Elite (mass)start…

My only competitor today was multiple PowerMan winner Susanne Svendsen. I had a very solid race and am happy about my performance and the fact that I am Danish Duathlon Champ 2014.


Viborg Konceptløb/Team Løvel Tri did the whole race setup very well; with lots of volunteers who was fighting the rain and did a great job! THANK YOU!

Last but not least quality time and road trip with the OTK boys –Even the car has team color

 “The Champ is getting ready”

And of course, it was “Mums-day” in Denmark… I am very grateful my mum was there to cheer for me, and happy to pass my flowers on to her.


It is about quality not quantity… But stay tuned, more news to come!


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