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A Perfect Day

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

It’s soon race time again! And my smile couldn’t be bigger. We have fantastic summer weather in Denmark, and training is going well.  Today is my birthday, and the best gift I could wish for is the ability to feel race ready. I signed up for the first race of the season last week, it will be my first race representing Team TriNordic, and I can’t wait! I raced the same course last year, and it’s amazing. This year it’s called TriSmile Estonia, the distance is 1k swim, 100k bike, and 10k run, which suits me well.

A short swim –great, long ride – lovely, short hard run –cool.

The man behind the race is Ain-Alar Juhanson,   and supported by a good team, he puts on an event, that I strongly recommend to everybody.

Talking about a long ride, I did the longest ride I have ever done today:  From Odense, where I had morning swim with the squat, and brunch with my Roomie Ronja, to my home town Esbjerg, where I’m going to have birthday dinner with my family tonight.I asked Coach Helle for a long ride for my birthday, as I just love to ride my bike, and when the sky is blue, and the sun is shining, I feel like staying out there all day. It has been a great day!! 🙂

I have missed the first part of the race season, but where there is will there is way, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t chances to race this year, the autumn brings lots of options for racing.

By the end of August I will race Danish Team Sprint Champs, it’s a race that I really look forward to as well! I haven’t raced it before, but it sounds (and looks) like great fun. Start September I will race Go Epic in Helsingør, Denmark. If everything goes as planned, I will race 70.3 Lanzatore in October, and Ocean/Lava, ½IM distance, which also is on my favorite Iceland, Lanzarote, in November.

I hope everybody is enjoying the summer! Now it’s time for BBQ and cake.

hjemme efter en lang tur
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