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Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

This time 2×2 don’t equal to 4… It refers to my last two races and podium finishes. Challenge Paugera-Mallorca the 17.10.15 and Challenge Forte Village – Sardinia the 25.10.15.

It was a trip of two weeks in total and my first attempt of racing back to back. Here is the story -mainly told in photos

Mallorca 11-21 oct. 2015: I had an AMAZING homestay! Happy to meet new friends.

Last bit of preparation


Lets do this!

Swim: 30:43 -Just under 5min from the front …

My swimming is still improving

Bike: 2:29:49

No power and mentally in a dark place on the bike…

Run:  1:24:41 The motivation was back , and I  ran my way form 10th to 2nd (!)



Sardinia 21-26 oct. 2015

Arrived at the amazing Forte Village Resort on Wednesday afternoon, I was shown the one lain pool and had a swim.


Thursday was the day to test the bike course and make new friends. And I have to say, this bike course is GREAT! Just the type of course I like, with climbs in various sizes and a need to stay focused all the time. Not even the gloomy weather could take the beauty of the view.

Another swim

Friday was good for a beautiful sunrise and small photoshoot with all the Pro-athletes



Saturday you could see the nice Staff turn the Resort into a race venue and Kids race! 


RACE DAY …was great


Swim: 31:04 and just 4min from

Bike: 2:30:04 and rode my way to 2nd, witch I hold all the way to the finishline.

Run: 1:24:53


I am pleased with the race and happy to end my season with another podium.

… I won the coolest prize ever, having fastest T1+T2 -a Maserati ride!  


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