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2016 – the season of podiums

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

My first year out of school and with a minimal amount of physio-work has been great! (but also left blue marks on my arms…)

The more I have allowed myself to live like a pro and really get into the sport the more I love it.

2016 started with Visit-Coach-Camp (and the beautiful Powell-Frederiksen-wedding) in Clermont, Florida. I love it there and had a great time with good friends, up until I twisted my food and was stupid enough to keep running on it for some days. Result: No running for weeks when I got back home.  – lesson learned! I just managed to get ready to run again as the calendar turned April and the next cam


The camp that got the #pinchyourarmcamp associated to it. Those 3 weeks at Mallorca was nothing short of amazing! The #pinchyourarm theme continued into the season. First race was ETU European Long Duathlon Championship, PowerMan Denmark. I entered the race with the lowest running confidence I can ever remember I have had. But raced with a will that came from the bottom of my hart and ended on the podium with an European silver medal around my neck… And a Danish Championship as a great bonus. – What a start to the season!? #pinchyourarm


Next stop was the podium of Challenge Denmark,  an experience that left several blue marks on my arms (multipel #pinchyourarm moments) –  my fist “real” WIN!!


…And the perfect way to say THANK YOU to Coach Helle and Ben as we had come to the conclusion that it was time for me to find another Coach after the race.

I did find another Coach – Faris Al-Sultan (and swim Coach Bo Jacobsen). And the only thing that hasn’t changed after, is how much I love my training, okay maybe thats not completely true, but close anyway. It’s

A happy athlete is a good athlete! And one thing that fore sure makes me happy, is it the Team Sprint Championship – GREAT FUN! A


At Challenge Fredericia I fought my way to the podium by finishing 3rd. 


After the race a new block of camps started. First 10 days in beautiful Austria, Hotel Mohernwirt Fuschl Am See, I had mixed weather but overall a #pinchyourarm trip. Fokus was mileage on the bike, and I got that! Even with local tour guide. Learned a lot! 3 days home and next camp. One week in Malaga with -great weather and company! The week included a local 4k OW swim race, and guess what? I won my AgeGroup – yes made it to the podium of a small swim race #pinchyourarm ;P

Another few days at home and back to beautiful Austria for ETU European Middel distance Championship, Challenge Walchsee to bring home another podium and my second European Silver. #pinchyourarm


All this happened before my big dream came true – I raced my first IRONMAN! And I absolutely loved it! (despite rain, thunder and lighting) It was so nice to be back at Mallorca to race AND I finished 2nd!! to continue my podium strike #pinchyourarm


Only one thing left – but can’t say it enough: THANK YOU for all the support I receive.

…it’s okay to have blue pinching marks when it associates with a season of podiums and great time at great places with great people!

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