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2015 Already gone

I feel like I only just got started, and have a hard time to believe that  the 2015 season already has come to an end… Then again looking back, it has been a long season and I have learned a lot. It has been a year with a though period but also absolutely amazing times with a overall theme of getting STRONG.

The year started with a Winter Adventure on Lanzarote and in Clearmont, Florida where building strength was the mission.

It started with paddles in the pool at Sands Beach and Bella Bayliss on the side


… continued in Florida with good company of fiends


…and ended with a race at Puerto Rico.


I had a nice time and got stronger!

4th @ IM 70.3 Puerto Rico

At home school kicked in again! I tried to train and race like normal… but was it smart? Dedicated or nonsens??? The balance is hard to find, and I stumbled…

It started well though, very well: 3rd @ the European Long Duathlon Championship 🙂


Work load in school increased… I raced IM 70.3 Barcelona and finished 10th


Then school got even busier and a still trained as normal, but as the next race and my exam came closer I had to pull the plock(!) No show for the race no training and ALL IN to finalize my education. The exam turned out great but afterwards I hid the ground – and I hid it hard! My energi level was below zero, a wrong look or question would make me cry… Did I feel strong? NO!


I took some time where “train as you feel” was the only direction in TrainingPeaks. All this was just before IM 70.3 Haugesund -Norway. I decided to go and give it a “free shoot”. After the race I had a small midseason-recharge-break

IM 70.3 Haugesund finished 7th  – a great time with Allan, Åsa and Filip

A BIG block of training and finding my new routines was what I needed. I took a break from international racing and worked my way back on track. I Raced and won the Danish middel distance Championship.


                                    Danish Champion Middel distance                Half Marathon PB

Another 8weeks of training and a half marathon PB later I felt ready to race international again and ended the season with my first attempt at back-to-back racing.

Challenge Paguera – Mallorca 2nd                                &                       Challenge Forte Village – Sardinia 2nd


I might not have felt strong through all of 2015, but have had a happy ending and do for sure feel like the year has made me stronger and wiser. My motivation is in top, school is done, I only work a few days a week, and I’m looking forward to a wither with training and to attach the Challenge (half) Series in 2016.

A big shout out to my support team! Without you this lifestyle wasn’t possible. Skechers, Specialized, Bliz, 32Gi, HumanSpeed, HUUB, Herzog, Xlab, and a special one to Coach HF.

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