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2 more to make it 3 in a row

Opdateret: 29. mar. 2020

I raced Go Epic ½IM distance in Helsingør, Denmark, in the weekend. And can already now say I am one happy girl. But I like to turn the time another week back as I raced Danish Team Sprint Champs that weekend -and had great fun! The format is made so that you start with 3min gabs like in a TT race, but you work in a team of 3-4 athletes. You can be on feet in the pool, drift on the bike and support each other with a hand in the back on the run -or whatever other help you can come up with.

OTK was defending champions but I was new girl at the team.  As the team included Ditte and Johanne who both have a swim level that I only dream about, my biggest concern before the race was: How do I lift myself out of the pool after the 750 hardest metres ever? But the strategy was clear: Swim for your life, then take the main lead on the bike, and be as supportive as possible on the run. Ditte did a great job, and showed her strength! Johanne ended up with a one 1min improve of her 5k PB! And we won the Championship. We were not the only OTK girls at the podium, as OTK also toke the silver. On top of the elite and the AG-boys won, and OTK toke some veteran medals as well! What a day 🙂


Then this weekend’s Go Epic:

As I said cool race! One that I can only recommend, not only to Danish athletes but to everyone who likes a race at a fast but still challenging course with a beautiful scenery. Saturday we had great conditions, there were a lot of wind but sunshine and blue sky. That made a lot of spectators show up witch only makes it even better to race.

My race started 8.20 in the 3rd wave:  –Lots of men to catch up…

Swim 1,9k (29:06): It was changed to upstream swim. But it was tough to get to the first buoy! My swimming is improving, but there is still a long way, and I do for sure have a lot to learn about open water swimming!!


T1: It was smooth, but I had no idea where in the field I was

Bike 90k (2:25:38): Yes! I felt like having good legs and found a great rhythm. But when you start last there are a lot of people on the course, it forces you to slow down in the turns. And men don’t like to be overtaken by a girl so I had a few battles out there 😉


T2: Smooth


Run 21k (1:25:26): COOL COOL COOL run course! It might not be the fastest course, but I think it is great when it is part tarmac, part single-track and part cobblestone on a 3loop course. There were lots of spectators and tourists as we ran around Kronborg (A very historical castle) and to the marina.

Overall (4:23:20 -14th overall): I am very happy about the race. It gives a clear sign of what my shape is like at the moment, and I am already looking forward to the next race! It will be my first 70.3 as an elite athlete and I am excited to go and test myself.


Niles and I had good results in Helsingør, but my super cool team mate Eva toped a good TriNordic weekend by winning World Duathlon Champs, Zofingen! –Again 🙂 Congrats!!!

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