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Åsa and Maja on tour vol. 2 -Down Under!!!

It has been a big dream of mine to go to Australia for many years. Having the chance to go with one of my very best friends and even race at the same time was too good an opportunity to say no: Two girls on a mission, IM 70.3 Cairns and IM Cairns + discover Northern Queensland Australia!

We arrived about one week prior to the race. – Two races, one location, and 3100 participants, COOL! – And have been lucky enough to have a Homestay for the full 3weeks. The Sager Family did not only let us in there house, they have taken us to what ever we needed to do, cooked dinner, shown us the area and in general just been absolutely amazing.

The Sager Family count 7 members, the youngest one is 2,5m

Before the race:

 Brekkie at the terrace the first morning

Bonus from climbing: You end up over the clouds

 Like to go for a swim?

We are ready to take up the fight

Cheked in and ready to race!

Racing: (see “DNF Rollercoster” for more info about my race)

Insider look from the umbrella on race morning

The Vikings aka. Fam. Sager

and Mari (Åsas mum)

… and I


Btw she finished 3rd and are now ready for HAWAII!

After the race:

Some training…

Hiking in RAINforest

… and the crocks were as well

…and a swim in the lake with turtles

 A ride with wild horses

We did also try a lot of nice local food, here at Coffee Works, testing coffee and chocolate. Mums!

A trip to Great Barrier reef …  no sun, lots of rain and fish

Last but not least, another box got ticked off

The only thing we could have wished for would have been a bit more sunshine – but hey that just means we have to go back one day!

I’ll like to thank Baden, Whitney, Bob, and Julie Sager, one fantastic family, for being our hosts and taking care of us, we have had a great time! Also thanks to Åsa and Mari for great company. I think it is safe to say that Åsa and Maja on tour vol 3 already is in process.

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